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Preceptor in the Spotlight

David HollowayPreceptor of the Year 2012: David Holloway, MSN, ACNP, CCRN, CFRN

David is a graduate of FPB with a BSN in 2005 and an MSN in 2009.

David was nominated by NP students to receive this award due to his “knowledge, skill and general intuition” regarding patient care in the Coronary Intensive Care Unit at CCF.  Through his willingness to teach and availability to students across disciplines, David has earned the respect and admiration of both colleagues and students.

David enjoys his work in critical care. He describes it this way:

“My practice is dynamic and fast-paced, requiring the highest level of vigilance and decision-making to care for critically ill cardiac patients. Ever-changing technologies and treatments make every day challenging and exciting.”

David has eagerly taken on the additional challenge of including our NP students into his busy practice because he enjoys “the challenge of guiding students through the complexities of clinical practice as they transition into the advanced practice role of a nurse practitioner. Workingwith students motivates me to continue learning and keep my clinical knowledge base current.”

David holds membership in the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, American Association of Critical Care Nurses, and Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association. David Holloway is truly a great mentor and role model and most deserving of this recognition.

Marianne Hocking, FNP

Congratulations to Marianne Hocking, FNP, who was selected to receive the “Preceptor of the Year” award for 2011.

Marianne has a BSN from Kent State, an M.ED in Community Health from CSU and is a graduate of the MSN/FNP program at FPB. She has been in practice now for 16 years and has been in the same position since that time. Marianne works for Kaiser Permanente in Rocky River and Avon. She provides primary care to families and individuals across all age spectrums. Marianne defines her practice as “not as much about curing people as it is about keeping people well and mentoring them in healing themselves and their families”.

Marianne’s nomination addressed her love of teaching and mentoring students as well as her patients. “In addition to the wide range and depth of her knowledge, Marianne also exhibits compassion, patience, and an understanding nature to her patients.”

Marianne consistently works with students and does so because she feels a real responsbility to give back and “share knowledge and experience with the next generation of nurses” She also appreciates the challenge that precepting provides to her. The students “share what they are learning with me and force me to challenge my way of doing things, either affirming it or changing it.”

Marianne supports her professional development also through membership in OAAPN and NEONP.

When she is not working, she enjoys gardening, reading and takes an interest in the concept of local food.

Marianne Hocking has put in many, many hours of teaching and she deserves to be recognized. FPB and the students greatly appreciate your work!

Eileen Guttman, RN, MS, ANP

GuttmanEileen is a graduate of FPB for BSN and University of Michigan for MS in Community Health Nursing. Eileen has been an NP for 26.5 years. Eileen is a Nurse Practitioner at Cleveland State University Health & Wellness  Services. She works full time in this very interesting and busy practice providing health care to students and faculty. Eileen enjoys working in this setting because “we get to practice medicine like it should be practiced. Since most visits are low cost to no cost, we have the luxury of having the patients come back and see how they are progressing with their problem. So we get real continuity of care. Additionally, there is time for patient teaching”. 

Eileen has been precepting student for the past 10 years. She continues to precept because “ I enjoy teaching students and I want them to learn to listen to their patients and always ask “why” something is happening”.   

Eileen is always willing to work with both FNP and ANP students and provides a great opportunity for students to participate and learn health care in this terrific setting.  

She is a member of NEONP and the Wellness Council of Northeast Ohio.

Adriana T. Whelan, ND, CNP


Adriana is a family nurse practitioner at the Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland. A graduate of the FPB School of Nursing, she has practiced for nine years. She shares a very collegial relationship with the physicians with whom she practices, and is pleased that the practice itself is very broad in scope. She says that she has been able to be trained in different aspects of patient care, including colposcopy, endometrial biopsies, and HIV care. In addition, in working for a free clinic, she feels that she is contributing to the community at large, which is essentially why she became a nurse in the first place.

She has been precepting for eight years. As a student, she explains that she had both good and bad clinical experiences. However, good clinical sites are important in fostering professional development and competency. She believes that every student deserves this.

A member of OAAPN, Adriana is proud to have a very understanding husband, 3 daughters (one newly born), two dogs, one cat, one ferret, and a fish named James.

Michele Kline, MSN, CNP

KlineFamily Nurse Practitioner

Name of Practice Site: Cleveland Clinic Willoughby Hills Family Health and Surgery Center

A 1998 graduate of the FPB School of Nursing, Michele has been a nurse practitioner for 11 years. Regarding her practice, she particularly likes the diversity of the patient population, the challenge of diagnosing, the thrill of a positive outcome, and knowing that she's made a difference in people’s lives. "Each day is a gift," she says.

As a preceptor for nine years, she enjoys teaching and gets a thrill out of seeing a student come in with a basket of knowledge--knowing that they need a bigger basket when they complete their clinical experience with her. She explains, "I love seeing the 'light bulb' light up in their eyes when they make a discovery."

Michele is a member of OAAPN, NEONPG, AANP, and AAAI. She has two children and enjoys working out, playing tennis, and sewing in her spare time. She coordinates an annual art and fine craft show called the "Gifts from the Heart Holiday Boutique," held at Landerhaven on the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving (this year, 11/22/09). The show benefits special programs for the Department of Hematology/Oncology at the Children’s Hospital at Cleveland Clinic and has raised over $35,000 to date.

Roberta Anderson, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Anderson Roberta is a graduate of the University of Akron and has been in practice for 19 years. Her current practice is at Metrohealth Medical Center. She has a special interest in lead toxicity, but also provides primary pediatric care. Roberta enjoys her practice not only for her patients, but also feels her co-workers are a pleasure to work with and very helpful in providing excellent patient care.

Roberta is always willing to work with students and has been precepting now for several years. She enjoys precepting because she feels it helps her continue to learn. She is a member of the Greater Cleveland Lead Advisory Council, NAPNAP, OAAPN and the Ohio Chapter of NAPNAP.

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