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CFRS Services


  • Provide faculty and students with information regarding funding sources and criteria for submission
  • Prepare budgets and justifications, facilities and resources, drafts of letters of support, biosketches, and just-in-time information
  • Provide quality control on administrative aspects of proposal (page limits, font size, etc.)
  • Prepare electronic University Review Form (eURF) for approval by the PI, Associate Dean for Research, and Office of Sponsored Project Administration (OSPA)
  • Convert files to PDF and upload for electronic submission
  • FedEx or mail application as necessary

IRB Proposal Reviews

  • Primary contact for all (outside) IRB Administrators (i.e. Case Western Reserve University, VA, Metro, UH, OPRR, other institutions)
  • Oversee staff so that the School of Nursing review process is followed
  • Audit filing and tracking systems to assure completeness and accuracy of IRB proposals

Human Subjects Training

  • Check current status of CREC credits
  • Send out reminders of upcoming classes


  • Provide faculty and students with information regarding available awards and criteria for submission
  • Prepare nomination form and drafts of letters of support

Poster Printing

  • Print posters for conferences, presentations, Research ShowCASE, etc. for the following fees:
    • $40 for FPB students
    • $70 for FPB staff and faculty
    • $85 for faculty, staff, and students from other schools
  • 2-week notice required
  • If formatting of poster (beyond dragging and dropping for PowerPoint slides) is required, will provide information on other print services on campus (Kelvin Smith Library, Print Services) and off-campus (AlphaGraphics and Kinko's)


  • Limited funds available to attend and present at scientific meetings
  • Assist faculty, students, and staff with travel reimbursement forms
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Research Information

CFRS Contacts

Associate Dean for Research:

Shirley M. Moore, PhD, RN, FAAN


Marcelle Baaklini, MA, CNO, CCRP

Assistant Director:

Kathleen Kovacina, MNO

Assistant Director:

Mary Jo Stark, MSUS

Department Assistant:

Cayce Felber

Department Assistant:

Danielle Bunkley

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